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nicolas scored 1812 in Desert Rally on 13th October 2017 - 07:41 PM
nicolas scored 55 in Wiggi Woods on 13th October 2017 - 07:33 PM
nicolas scored 143750 in Ballies Shoot on 13th October 2017 - 07:21 PM
Steelcrusher scored 260 in Joes Minor Adventure on 17th August 2017 - 09:48 AM
Steelcrusher scored 999 in 5 Reel Nascar Slots on 16th August 2017 - 03:36 PM
Tasos(84 Wins)
Steelcrusher(81 Wins)
cotteux(80 Wins)
jojo49(80 Wins)
HaVoK(57 Wins)
spiderlegend(55 Wins)
harrison(48 Wins)
insane22(42 Wins)
Dorius(37 Wins)
SexYMam@(33 Wins)
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UsersNameSexYMam@ is 10th in the Arcade.
33 wins

Games that SexYMam@ is champion.
Mon Buster - Flip similar blocks and break the wall. Test your memory and strategy skills.
Score to beat:
WOW Connect - You need to match two tiles by connecting them with a pathway, the path between each tile can only take two 90 degree angle turns.
Score to beat:
Photohunt - Photohunt
Score to beat:
Mahjong III - The New game of Mahjong invites you to play!Play Free Aracde games Now!
Score to beat:
Mahjong Quest - See in game!
Score to beat:
Kitty Blocks - Match three Hello Kitty characters in a row to score points. You have to be fast or time will run out.
Score to beat:
Aztec Mind Easy v32 - Complete as many levels as you can in this puzzle.
Score to beat:
Egypt Quest - Match the Egyptian Tiles
Score to beat:
Mysterious Rings Revamped - Remove all fields.
Score to beat:
Ice Challenge - Reunite with companion as you strategically move through the ice. Avoid spikes
Score to beat:
Celtic Tiles - Celtic Tiles is a puzzle strategy game where the objective is to clear each board by placing tiles on squares to unlock them.
Score to beat:
Count The Cubes - Pay Attention counting game.
Score to beat:
Cubitsu - Fantastic fruit machine type puzzle game!
Score to beat:
Fill Zone - The object of the game is to change all of the squares on the board to the same color to finish the level. You do this by selecting a color from the selectors at the top left. This changes allsquares adjacent to the colors attached to the top
Score to beat:
Ancient Persia Solitaire - New online solitaire with two different inside and picturesque graphics in Persian theme by The caravan with goods moves slowly across the terrible desert from one oasis to another. The travel is dangerous and difficult and you should
Score to beat:
D.N.A. - Help biologist Dr. Rose Thompson with her experiments in the creation and preservation of new species of flowers.
Score to beat:
Triple Mahjong - Combine 3 of the same free Mahjong stones. A stone is free if it has a free right or left side and is not covered. Remove all stones to advance to the next level.
Score to beat:
The Nao's Shanghai Story - Mahjong
Score to beat:
Quix 2 Square - Form squares of four or more blocks of the same color to remove from board. The more blocks you remove the higer your score.
Score to beat:
Magic Towers Solitaire - The goal of this card game is to clear the three towers of cards to win a level. Each time you complete a layout, you will move on to the next round of the game and begin again. To obtain a higher score try to complete as many rounds as possible in a row.
Score to beat:
4 Elements - Beyond Endless Seas, An Ancient Fairytale Kingdom Is In Trouble. A Land Once Full Of Life Has Become A Lifeless Desert. Restore Power To Four Magic Books So That Peace And Prosperity May Return.
Score to beat:
Volcano Escape - Help the stone age hero to cross the lava river. Make the path by dragging the stone blocks with your mouse.
Score to beat:
Cafe mahjong - Order up a tall latte and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of coffee at Cafe Mahjong. Match tiles to earn your favorite coffees from around the world. Try out the House Blend for a story adventure or Espresso if quick Free Play is more your
Score to beat:
Sunny Park Solitaire - Sunny Park Solitaire is a new free online variation of the popular game patience by The object of the game is to place all cards from the tableau to the foundation. You can move two cards of the same rank. If there is no combination,
Score to beat:
Dots - Save your pens, pencils, and paper! Its the classic paper game Dots, only in flash!
Score to beat:
Dragon Dices Solitaire - Campaign - Mahjong
Score to beat:
Chalk Period Mahjong - This is a nice puzzle game where you will have a chance to enjoy the beauty of the Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Click at the identical tiles with two opened adjacent sides to clear the level and to proceed to the next one. Have fun.
Score to beat:
Vacation Mahjongg - Mahjongg Game..
Score to beat:
Golden Autumn Mahjong - Slide Mahjong game. Slide 2 of the same tiles against each other. A tile can slide into 4 directions until it hits another tile or de borders of the playing field.Can you remove all tiles from the playing field within the given time.
Score to beat:
Snow Muncher - Eat the blocks
Score to beat:
Hishi - Clear the board of squares.
Score to beat:
Easter Mahjong - Mahjong game especially for easter eggs and the Easter Bunny.
Score to beat:
Abstract Mahjong - Clear all stones in the field. Search for two similar stones that are not connected to other stones. Make paid pairs and remove all stones.Pairs can be : two stones that are the same, two stones from the four seasons or two stones
Score to beat:

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