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nicolas scored 1812 in Desert Rally on 13th October 2017 - 07:41 PM
nicolas scored 55 in Wiggi Woods on 13th October 2017 - 07:33 PM
nicolas scored 143750 in Ballies Shoot on 13th October 2017 - 07:21 PM
Steelcrusher scored 260 in Joes Minor Adventure on 17th August 2017 - 09:48 AM
Steelcrusher scored 999 in 5 Reel Nascar Slots on 16th August 2017 - 03:36 PM
Tasos(84 Wins)
Steelcrusher(81 Wins)
cotteux(80 Wins)
jojo49(80 Wins)
HaVoK(57 Wins)
spiderlegend(55 Wins)
harrison(48 Wins)
insane22(42 Wins)
Dorius(37 Wins)
SexYMam@(33 Wins)
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UsersNameBerndog is 18th in the Arcade.
25 wins

Games that Berndog is champion.
Sling Shot - This is a pure shooter game. Your weapon is a wooden slingshoot, and your objective is to win as much points as you can hitting on flying birds, streetlamps and bonus balloons. Speed for shoot and mov
Score to beat:
Cometburst - Cometburst is a simple kind of arcade game inspired by Bird & Beans .
Score to beat:
Xevious - Great remake of this retro 80's Namco game
Score to beat:
Mr Bump Pinball - Activate multiple targets for bonus points in Mr Bump Pinball!
Score to beat:
J Ball - Clear at least 75 percent of the chamber by dodging J atoms before time runs out and earn maximum points.
Score to beat:
Mountain Maniac - Destroy a whole town with boulders and a little rage.
Score to beat:
Finding Beltazar - Beltazar is one of the most wanted persons in the galaxy, he probably has lots of bodyguards to protect him, so watch out. Find him and destroy him, whatever it takes.
Score to beat:
Diamonds and Dreams - Hit the baseball just right to complete many different objectives. Can you pass them all?
Score to beat:
Katocan - Blow Up The Ships!
Score to beat:
Forklift Drive - Arrange the wooden crates in the marked area on the floor. Avoid hitting other crates while you sort the crates.
Score to beat:
Bubble Game - Avoid all spikes!
Score to beat:
Z-Wars - A tower defense game with pathing, a lot of interesting towers and multiple game styles!
Score to beat:
Captain Skyro - Climb the clouds.
Score to beat:
Adagio Medium - When a note hits one of the ASDFG marks, press the corresponding key. Press End or restart the current game.
Score to beat:
Adagio Medium 2 - When a note hits one of the ASDFG marks, press the corresponding key. Press End or restart the current game.
Score to beat:
Battle Over Berlin - Battle your way in the skies of berlin for aerial supremacy.. How good are you at dogfighting?
Score to beat:
Aircrafts Race - Try to survive in this aircraft race and make money
Score to beat:
3D Powerkart Grand Prix - Car Racing Game...Grab the power-ups to boost your chances and score.
Score to beat:
3D Pool - Similar to the traditional game youve played before, but this variation is played on a square table with only four balls. Pot as many balls as you can within the three minute session
Score to beat:
Desert Ambush - Kill all the scary villains and most importantly defeat the evil demon at the end of the game.
Score to beat:
4D Pinball - 4D Pinball
Score to beat:
Zombie Ramming - Resist waves of zombies with your car. Buy new cars, upgrade your engine, tires or armor
Score to beat:
Hang On v32 - The recreation of the Sega classic features four tracks with each track having five checkpoints. You have 30 seconds to reach each checkpoint. A score bonus is awarded for your remaining time at each checkpoint. Finish all checkpoints of a track to score
Score to beat:
Gear Copter v2 - Guide the Copter and collect the Gears but watch out as it goes faster as time goes on..
Score to beat:
Pimp my Sleigh - Choose your Sleigh and race for your life.
Score to beat:

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